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Vezèr´s Precision Industrial Constructors
  • Ball Mills - New Installation
  • Clinker Coolers - New Installation
  • Conveying Systems - New Installation
  • Crushers - New Installation
  • Roller Mills - New Installation for Coal Mills
  • Installation, Repair and Construction
  • Grinding
  • Draglines
Pulp & Paper
  • Pulp, Paper & Recycling
Marine Terminal
  • Processing Equipment Construction
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Concept, Design and Construction
Other Services
  • Power Generation
  • Port Industries
  • Machine Shop Services
  • GCF Ductile Iron Foundry Australia
  • Training Classes
  • Order Manuals

24-Hour Service

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From Coast to Coast
and Internationally


"We'll Take Care of It"
To be able to provide our customers with the comfort and true confidence that these five words imply. Also in the same manner taking care of our most important assets, our people by means of caring for their safety, training and family securities. We achieve such securities by ensuring we remain the most preffered source in the industry.

Our prime responsibility is to assure in partnership with our customers, that installing, repairing ....their process equipment will have the highest availability. We strongly believe that pursuit of this vision will ensure a professionally challenging growth environment for ourselves and will provide ever increasing value to our customers.

Vezèr's PIC vision, mission and strategy require a total and absolute commitment to the highest level of quality and safety standards. Quality and safety are defined as meeting all customers expectations including conformance to all requirements and delivering zero-incidents and services on time. Our quality and safety improvement process focuses on prevention of errors throught the closed loop continuous improvement process.

Vezer Industrial Professionals is only a d/b/a The actual Operational Company that performs & contracts all activities nationwide is Machine Repair International LLC and in California all operations are contracted & performed by Mining Management International Inc. MRI, MRI-Vezer, Vezer, MMI, MMI-Vezer are all abbreviations or Nicknames of either of the above Machine Repair International LLC or Mining Management International Inc. and use of any or all of these abbreviations & nicknames is in no way to be construed and or imply in any manner or to be considered in any manner as obligations, liabilities, or operations of Vezer Industrial Professionals Inc a company that no longer contracts, employs or performs any activities what so ever. Machine Repair international LLC & Mining Management International Inc has the rights to use the old Vezer Industrial Professional Inc Brands, Names and Marketing and Training information.

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